1. You´re Crazy (Original By Guns N´Roses)

  2. Rock n´Roll (Original By Led Zeppelin)

  3. The Wind Cries Mary (Original by Jimi Hendrix)

  4. Poison Heart (Original by Ramones)

  5. All Right Now (Original by Free)

  6. Don´t you(forget about me) (Original by Simple Minds)

  7. I Wanna Be Sedated (Orignal by Ramones)

  8. The Kids Are Alright (Original by The Who)

  9. Little Black Submarines (Original by The Black Keys)

  10. Blue Suede Shoes (Original by Elvis Presley)

  11. Dead Flowers (Original by The Rolling Stones)

  12. Interstate Love Song (Original by Stone Temple Pilots)

  13. Ring Of Fire (Original by Jhonny Cash)

  14. Outsider (Original by Ramones)

  15. You´ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Original by The Beatles)


Autorais By Charles Diel:


  1. Baby Baby (Home Live Sessions)

  2. Dia 20 (Home Live Sessions)

  3. Lady Blue (Home Live Sessions)

  4. Vinho Seco (Estúdio Móvel Rock Mobil)

  5. Infinito Instante (Estúdio Móvel Rock Mobil)

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